Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Tuesday the 24th started with another early morning of butterfly collecting, and unfortunately the results were the same:  after 3.5 hours of hiking, we hadn’t caught any of the necessary butterflies, but we saw some neat wildlife.  This time, it was a family of howler monkeys in the trees, including a mother carrying a baby.

    We broke off a bit early for an afternoon seminar.  Every Tuesday, the main administrative campus in Panama city hosts a talk with drinks and snacks afterwards.   They’re called “Tupper talks” because the campus in Panama City is the Tupper center, named after none other than Earl Tupper of Tupperware fame, who made a sizable donation to the Smithsonian.  The talks are fairly popular, as STRI provides a free shuttle from Gamboa, so it’s an easy way to escape from Gamboa for a bit.
      The Tupper talks are also popular in Gamboa because the return shuttle stops and picks people up from El Rey, the grocery store.  So, after the talk, fifteen or so of us went and got dinner near El Rey, bought supplies, and then went back to Gamboa.

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  1. howler monkeys! and hiking for your job... how fun.